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1646 is an art space in the heart of The Hague. With its experimental, international and free public program, 1646 wants to contribute to an increasingly complex society by challenging existing systems and traditional views, to reflect on the questions that live among us all.
The exhibition program at 1646 shows innovative artistic practices, inviting local and international artists to make new work. With a focus on solo-projects, 1646 offers an in-depth perspective of the artist’s practice via a public program containing a generous overview of exhibitions, artist talks, events, publications, dialogues, podcasts and a residency program. 1646 is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to creating the space and providing the means for artistic practices to thrive.
Our ambitious program presents artists that use strategies such as fictioning, complicating and humour in their work in order to generate dialogue or to propose alternative points of view. Our notion is that fiction is an essential instrument to help imagine the world differently. In the same light, embracing and celebrating complexity, contradiction and paradox – as inherent qualities of human existence – are essential to weigh up against the predominance of rationality and logic. Finally, using playfulness and humour as tools is needed to maintain an open attitude. 1646 has an international focus and values the circulation of perspectives. For this reason, the Residency Program is set up as a retreat to nourish work and ideas. The residency is not focused on an end result, but on providing a space for research/work/reflection, while getting familiar with the context of The Hague and The Netherlands.


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Janice McNab
Since 02-07-2018

Maaike Gouwenberg
Since 27-07-2015

Reinier The
Since 12-12-2018

Sebastiaan Buijs
Since 02-02-2018


Clara Pallí Monguilod
Co-director / Curator

Johan Gustavsson
Co-director / Curator

Daniëlle de Hoog
Production / Finance

Honey Kraiwee
Production / Coordination

Arthur Cordier

Sarah Klevan
Marketing & communication

Gabi Seiliute
Adele di Pasquale
Marco Quadri
Rosa Dalle Vedove
Shana De Villiers
Stella Loning
Valentino Russo
Matěj Sláma
Daisy Madden-Wells
Silke Riis

Stichting Project Space 1646

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Stichting Project Space 1646 is a not for profit organisation. Download our annual report here.
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