Everybody is welcome at 1646, and we aim to ensure you get the best experience out of your visit. At Boekhorststraat 125 there is an eight cm step located in front of the entrance. The entrance door is 95 cm wide. At number 127 the entrance door is 83 cm wide.
Our exhibition spaces are located on the ground floor and are accessible to wheelchairs and buggies. A ramp and assistance are available when needed. If you require assistance during your visit, our team is just a call away during office hours (10:00-18:00)  at +31 70 212 58 60, or send us an email at

Boekhorststraat 125
-Step located in front of the entrance is 8 cm (A ramp and assistance are available).
-The entrance door is 95 cm wide.
-The passage in the hallway is 105 cm wide.
-The toilet is 77 cm wide.

Boekhorststraat 127
-The entrance door is 83 cm wide.
-The toilet at number 127 is not accessible for wheelchairs.

Every vehicle with a disabled parking card, commonly known as the blue badge, is allowed to park at general disabled accessible parking spaces in The Hague for free.
Close to 1646, you’ll find the following general disabled accessible parking spaces.
-Nieuwe Molstraat 37F, 210 m.
-Koningstraat 104, 400 m.
-Om en Bij 1, 450 m.
For additional General disabled accessible parking spaces, visit the following link: map of general disabled accessible parking spaces in The Hague.

Public Transport
If you are planning to visit 1646 using public transport, you can take a train to Den Haag CS or Den Haag HS. The following trams provide an accessible journey.

Trams from the train station Den Haag Centraal.
All these trams depart from the upper platform at Den Haag Centraal where an elevator is available.
-Tram 2 Kraayenstein
-Tram 4 De Uithof
-Tram 3 Loosduinen
For these trams you have to get off at the stop ‘Grote Markt’.
At the ‘Grote Markt’ you can take the elevator up to go to the main street, to the Prinsengracht. From there it is 300 meters to 1646 on Boekhorststraat 125 +127.

From The Hague HS, the following trams bring you to 1646.
-Tram 16 Den Haag Centraal
-Tram 9 Scheveningen Noord
-Tram 15 Den Haag Centraal
-Tram 1 Scheveningen Noord
You need to get out at the tram stop Bierkade. From there it is 750 meters to 1646.