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Hans Theys

In conversation with
Roos Beute

As part of the exhibition: Over Spoken, Monsters, Flesgeesten En Andere Scheve Verschijningen
This took place before the opening on 02/26/2010

The artists invited to realize a project at 1646 are asked to engage in conversation with a correspondent via email or DM, be it someone previously unknown to them or whom they’re already familiar with.

This conversation spans the period before an exhibition is completed. 1646 invites the correspondent at the other end of this exchange to ask questions so they may be guided through the artist’s decision-making process and how their initial ideas develop toward completion. It provides insight into the artist’s body of work and is intended to paint a picture of the otherwise untraceable choices that constitute the artist’s practice.


About Hans Theys (b. 1976) is an art critic and curator. He has written and designed forty books on the works of contemporary artists and has published numerous essays, interviews and reviews in books, catalogues and magazines.


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