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Alberto García del Castillo


01/11/2016 –
– 30/11

Alberto García del Castillo curates and writes on communities, feminism and queer. He also plays his and other people’s writings and works. And collaborates with others in multiple combinations.

Currently, Alberto is writing a fabulous travelogue of the voyage of merman and singer Steev Lemercier in the company of Chanel and Dolce, who are a cat and a dog, during the first months of their friendship, boating through Belgian inland waterways. Previously in 2016, Alberto composed and played the text and video program Camilo and Ocaña at Beursschouwburg theatre in Brussels, wrote “Oslo” with Lars Laumann for Girls Like Us magazine and co-curated the arts festival La Kermesse héroique with Louise Osieka. He is the co-curator of Buenos Tiempos, Int. with Marnie Slater.

During November 2016, Alberto was in residency at 1646.


Over Alberto García del Castillo: del Castillo …


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