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Gerlach En Koop

En Gerlach En Koop


14/05/2010 –
– 05/06

He was captivated, immediately, without being able to say what it was exactly that was so captivating.

Odd, he said, I’m never really interested in anything, in fact, that’s what people appreciate about me, my general indifference, and now, for already more than half an hour I’m out here watching, with so-called bated breath. Watching what exactly, because there isn’t much going on and not a lot to see either. Also captivating isn’t the word, he corrected himself, without searching for a better one. Just stay calm, it will pass, if I pop around the corner and come back, he said, in a bit, or tomorrow, then this captivation will definitely be gone. But he didn’t move.


Over Gerlach En Koop: Gerlach en Koop is a collective of two persons who gave up the habit of starting their proper names with a capital letter. They work in different media and with different materials of which they always use very little. Work should be effortless, they assert.


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