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Indiana Audunsdottir


01/12/2009 –
– 31/01

Between March and April, icelandic artist Indiana Audunsdottir followed a residency period in 1646. In 2008, Audunsdottir had participated in a group show in 1646 with a video work we found very interesting. During her residency in 2010, Audunsdottir was selected to work on the research and production of a new video work in the same content line as the earlier work.

Those two months were dedicated to do some research, building the props for her video, making the actual shooting of the film and editing the footage to a final work that was shown in the group show ´Elementology´.
In Audunsdottir´s videos, the main characters are female figures with supernatural powers. Inspired by cartoons characters, internet imagery, science fiction films, those characters seem to move in between the ideal of a higher being and the exaggerated attributes of superheros. Those female characters are always shown in a natural surrounding, as if their powers and their wilderness belong there. Still, not much happens, the characters are shown busy doing small actions, as if they are preparing for something big that never happens.


Over Indiana Audunsdottir: Audunsdottir lives and works in Reykjavik. She graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, London, in 2008

Let op:
we vragen je vriendelijk om een geldig vaccinatiebewijs, herstelbewijs of negatief testresultaat te laten zien bij de ingang. 1646 volgt hiermee de richtlijnen rondom Covid-19 van de Nederlandse overheid.
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