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Raúl Hevia

Tracksuit Poem (Poema chándal)


01/12/2017 –
– 31/01

The residency of Raúl Hevia was the first part of a two-year collaboration with Orbital Residency in Santander (Spain), to promote cultural exchange between The Netherlands and Spain.

It took place between December 2017 and January 2018.

Raúl Hevia uses photography and video in his work, underlining the visual quality of written language, the moment in which the verbal turns into image. His work focuses on the way private life is narrated and the contemporary Self finds its forms of expression. His work questions which mechanism of perversion can turn the private into a public act (performance), if private life is presented as a form of spectacle to the other. He reflects on how memory can turn each reality (each ‘self’) into fiction, or what relationships we establish between the content of ‘the archive’ and the perception of the present.

On the 14th of January, Hevia presented Tracksuit Poem (Poema chándal), a new performance developed during his residency, that took the form of a public action in the central library of The Hague.


Over Raúl Hevia (b. 1965)  lives and works in Santander.


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