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Zsolt Miklósvölgyi & Márió Z. Nemes (T+U) with Daniel Hüttler


A lecture performance at Trafó Gallery, Budapest


The lecture performance focuses on TURANIUM, the most significant geocultural energy source in the Carpathian Basin. Like the vibranium mined in the Wakanda of the Marvel Universe, TURANIUM is a speculative ore capable of releasing incredible amounts of kinetic energy. The process is based on the psychopolitical convergence between the Hungarian population and the Hungarian landscape, according to which Turanium – as rock containing valuable metals – can store and further transmit the negative vibrations of historical traumas, while dark energy also has the potential to alter the crystal structure of certain minerals, thereby formulating additional Turanium deposits. But that is the very mystery of this Hungaricum, as we do not know what came first, the eponymous “Turanian curse” or TURANIUM as a disease medium.

In this Hungarofuturist performance, we undertake to stage the dialectic of this speculative national metal, the xenotransformation process of toxin into medicine, depression into revelation – and vice versa. From this point of view, TURANIUM is the most important raw material of the Hungarian trauma monopoly, capable of providing the technological sophistication and ethnosuicidal sensibility of post-Hungarian civilisations on an intergalactic scale.

Technologie und das Unheimliche (T+U) is a Berlin-Budapest art collective. In forms of art exhibitions, thematic issues, and related projects, T+U mediates between artistic research, post-digital printing, and para-academic discourses. Their wide range of interests includes acid ufology, Eastern European paranormality, eerie technologies, as well as pre-and post-human lifeforms.

This event took place at Trafó Gallery in Budapest, accompanying the exhibition Crying until laughing/Sírás nevetésig, curated by 1646 in collaboration with Trafó Gallery.



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