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Between the Ear and the Mouth

Rogue Syntax


“The best things we have of ours by far are the things that are the results of our intelligence together.” — Robert Ashley

With this online ‘event’ we launch Rogue Syntax’s first podcast episode! Click the link below and dive right in. Three artists already working with language, wanted to understand it more fully, sharing their process of discovery in a way that other people, like you, could listen to, learn from, and understand it.

The episode Between the Ear and the Mouth offers listeners a high-end undercoat of linguistic basics, upon which successive Rogue Syntax layers will be built. Linguistic facts are leavened by multilingual examples: speech experiments; vocal antics; lecture performances; sound poetry; ghost stories; 1960s West German experimental radio; Chinese Tang dynasty poetry; language games; and parsing of one very dumb sentence.

Featuring interviews with Yan Xing, Lothar von Falkenhausen, Ewa Polska, and Venla Helenius.

Linguistic philosophy and framing drawn from Ferdinand de Saussure, Noam Chomsky, Gilles Deleuze, Karen Emory, Diana Deutsch, Guy Deutscher, Lev Vygotsky, Russell Hurlburt, Ray Jackendoff, Stewart Lee, and Dan Brown.

With inspiration from and reference to the audio works of Graham Lambkin, Felicia Atkinson, Gabi Losoncy, DeForrest Brown, Jr., Current 93, MP Hopkins, Luci Lippard, Mauricio Kagel, John Cage, Robert Wilson, Spalding Gray, Chris Marker, Adam Curtis, Hito Steyerl, Fred Moten, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Rana Hamadeh, Nora Turato, Erik Bünger, Nina Simone, Henri Chopin, M.R. James, and Brion Gysin.

Project DNA extracted from Robert Ashley and Laurie Anderson.


About this project: Rogue Syntax: Primer is a longform experimental audio project by artists Nathan Gray, Danni Zuvela and Makiko Yamamoto, exploring the dynamics of language within the space of contemporary art.
  • Supported by Liquid Architecture (Melbourne), 1646 (The Hague) and Australia Council for the Arts.


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