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Podcast #12

Ádám Ulbert


In this podcast you will hear about artist Ádám Ulbert’s experiences at the 1646 Residency in The Hague.

We talk about his experiences in the 1646 workspace while having his wife and toddler around, the value of doing a residency, and the (sometimes unexpected) developments of his project about seaweed and algae.

Ádám’s residency was made in collaboration with the Budapest Gallery and took place in June and July of 2023.


About Ádám Ulbert:

Ádám Ulbert is an artist and researcher based in Budapest, Hungary. With his artistic practice, he’s mainly interested in how our contemporary ecological sensibility can work as a necessary new mentality, that draws up an enlarged concept of life and nature which stands in contrast to positivist, mechanistic and objectifying viewpoints. Beyond the logic of science that wants to name and categorize, Ádám is mainly interested in the possibilities of non-human narratives of imagination and ‘almost’ fiction. He questions whether if everything is based on and perhaps connected to biology, can non-organic beings be connected to organic bodies through some kind of elastic morphology as well? How could this biomorphic sensitivity become a mode of empathic representation that maps the human connection to other entities?

Ádám has shown his works at the Paris Internationale in Paris, Karlin Studios in Prague, and the Stedelijk Museum Bureau in Amsterdam, amongst a variety of galeries in Budapest like Longtermhandstand, ENA Viewing Space, Pince, Arkatell projectspace and Trapéz Gallery.


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