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Bob Demper

Background Evening



Save the date! Bob Demper’s Background Evening will take place on June 21st. For every solo exhibition at 1646, the artist is invited to informally share their thoughts, inspirations, and motivations behind their works and exhibition with our audience. This event, known as Background Evening, provides an insightful glimpse into the artist’s creative process. For this occasion Bob Demper has invited Thomas Bollen, financial economist and journalist for Follow The Money.

Bollen is fascinated by the economic ideas, models and propaganda that dictate how we live together. In his current solo exhibition, In Tall Buildings, Bob Demper explores the hidden powers of the financial world. Both of them investigate the complexity of the financial world and its impact on society in their own different ways. We are looking forward to this evening, where you will have the chance to hear their views on the subject in a conversation.


About Bob Demper (b. 1991) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in The Hague (NL). By employing familiar cinematic motifs in his work, Demper’s artistic practice creates expectations for the audience that can be subverted, fulfilled or deconstructed. His approach extends across various mediums, with ideas that appear in his longer films mutating into shorter videos, sculptures and installations, creating a cohesive body of work. His work has been shown at Museum Helmond, Nest Den Haag, Prospects/Art Rotterdam and ENCU Shanghai (CN).


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