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Rasmus Myrup

Background Evening [canceled]



We have some gossip to share, though this one comes with sadness. Unfortunately, we have to announce the cancellation of Rasmus Myrup’s Background Evening in The Grey Space in the Middle and the book launch in Page Not Found. Rasmus has a knee injury and he can’t travel to the Netherlands. If you already purchased a ticket, you will receive a refund. We are looking into options to reschedule the event for a later date.

Come along for an evening of folkloric gossip at the Grey Space in The Middle. By the flickering LED-candles, Rasmus Myrup will invoke the undying spirit of The Völva – a reanimated baddie who is friends with all the mythological beings from Myrup’s exhibition at 1646, Salon des Refusés.

While humans are not usually supposed to know the secrets of the ancient deities and forest spirits of Scandinavia, The Völva is happy to divulge and tell all – as long as you promise not to tell Odin….  Because she needs to unload some of the juicy stories about betrayal, binge drinking, love and Airbnb.

Rasmus Myrup’s figures, based on tales from Norse Mythology and Southern Scandinavian history, will come to life for one evening, so get ready for backstories and bleeding hearts, with a drink in your hand.

The session will be in English, with a few interjections in Danish, Swedish and Old Norse (for any Iron Age folks who may be in attendance). The performance is presented on the occasion of his exhibition Salon des Refusés at 1646, and based on Rasmus Myup’s new book, The Völva’s Bestiary of Best Friends, which will be launched at Page Not Found the evening prior.

These recent works of Myrup’s react to how the cultural past is repeatedly hijacked by extreme right-wing conservatives attempting to distort history to fit into their often patriarchal, misogynist, homophobic, cis-centric worldview. Resisting this suffocating grip, Myrup re-reads the sources of the past and brings forth their sensuous, queer and progressive characters.

Pre-sale tickets are €4, and for students, they are €3. Tickets at the door are €5, but with a student discount, it is €4. Click here to buy a ticket. The event starts at 20:00.


About Rasmus Myrup (Born 1991, Copenhagen) is a Danish artist, whose work seeks to explore how the experience of being human is malleable – and how susceptible it is; at its worst to manipulation and at its best to change. With roots in our belonging to the natural realm, Myrup investigates the big narratives of humanity’s existence, evolution and history through the lens of small, personal and intimate emotions. Through his sculptures, installations and drawings, he seeks to understand other times, species and worlds – and in that way everything from Neanderthals to trees or folklore can provide new perspectives on our understanding of death, sex and power. His recent solo exhibitions include Precoming at O – Overgaden (DK), Vertreibzeit at Kunstverein Göttingen (DE) and Slut [The End] at Jack Barrett (US).


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