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Raphaël Constant

Boat Trip


03/05/2014 –
– 30/11

Raphaël Constant shared his personal concerns around the shipping vessels by visiting the container and petroleum port of Rotterdam from the water. For Constant oceans and seas propose a different way to envisage our world. The routes are different, conceptions of fastness and time are different. Another paradigm from the seas.

During his stay at 1646, Raphaël Constant was interested to approach the Rotterdam port’s entrance at Hoek Van Holland, seeing the gigantic floating buildings carrying cargoes all around the world, leaving or getting back to Rotterdam. From the sea to inland. Constant has been fascinated by container shipping vessels for a long time. Every place he visited they were here, cruising slowly, port to port, finally figuring one day that they were the same.

To Constant these buildings are the reminiscence of the past conquests, archeological structures, living longer than humans-being, getting used by the oceans. At the same time, they are today the first agent of the modern globalized world. Conquering by trading. With this boat trip we explored this personal fascination and different perspective with Raphaël Constant.


About Raphaël Constant: Constant …


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