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Bogdan Seredyak


Reconstructing architecture after times of conflict


01/06/2022 –
– 31/07

Bodgan’s exploration in questioning and reconceptualizing the reconstruction of architecture through preservation, instead of demolishing scars of conflicts, evolved with a summer residency at 1646 in The Hague.

Within his work, being an independent architect and multidisciplinary artist, Bogdan explores the responsiveness of environments through applied design, spatial installations and other interventions based on urban and social research of various scales. 

Bogdan used his residency period at 1646 to delve into the subject of ever-changing architecture, which shapes, and at times endangers to erase our collective memories. Defining architecture as a conflict, he sees the necessity for radical transformation of constructing a new reality of what was once destroyed. In RECONFIGURED/CITY, Bogdan explores a vision of a reconfiguration of the old through leaving a permanent scar serving as a reminder, while still offering the space to evolve and progress with time.

RECONFIGURED/CITY proposes healing alternatives to reflect on the needs of post-war spaces and engages to critically question manoeuvres of demolishing scars of the past. An imagination of preservation, instead of rebuilding the city to its original state, serves as a transformative evolution of remembering, learning and evolving, without getting stuck in the traumatic moment. 

According to Bogdan, this new vision is applicable as a design usable for climate change, or spatial requirements for future pandemics, responsive to what is needed across time and space. 


About Bogdan Seredyak: Bogdan Seredyak (b. 1988) is a Ukrainian born independent architect and multidisciplinary artist. Within his multifaceted work, Bogdan challenges the ordinary through the expansion of responsive environments through applied design, spatial installations and other interventions based on urban and social research of various scales. Growing from the roots of affection and devotion for design and its effective communication, Bogdan pushes the boundaries presented by the built environment through the creative lens.  Bogdan graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s faculty of Architecture and Design. He has exhibited his work at Greenpoint Gallery (Brooklyn, US), Urban Ethnography Lab (Berlin, DE), NDSM (Amsterdam, NL), The Mariupol Port of Cultures art museum (Mariupol, UA), Independent School for the City (Rotterdam, NL), amongst others.


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