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Alberto García del Castillo

Camilo And Ocana


24/11/2016 –
– 30/11
Camilo And Ocana

A program comprised of two videos by the libertarian collective Video-Nou (Barcelona, 1976 – 83): Actuació d’Ocaña i Camilo and Ocaña. Exposició a la Galería Mec-Mec (1977) portray Andalusian, anarchist, artist, thespian and cross-dresser Ocaña, her best-friend Camilo, the underground cartoonist Nazario, the camera operators, and more people reporting their work and lives, reciting, singing, dancing, making themselves up, and hanging out together. Projected along with the reading of a selection of passages containing Esther Newton’s portrayals of Tiger, Billy, Tris, Godiva, Lola, Jim, Jean, Dodi Turner, Bo Sutter, Wanda, Jane, Judy, Gus, Tim, Bonnie, and others in her essay Mother Camp: Female Impersonators in America (1972).

Writer and curator Alberto García del Castillo composed this program and wrote the English subtitles, which Liz Allan copyedited, for its premiere at Beursschouwburg in Brussels in September 2016 (in co-production with Hamaca, Barcelona). Alberto has been in residency at 1646 during November 2016.

Duration: 90’

Language: English

Image: Nazario, La vida cotidiana del dibujante underground (2016): “Ocaña, dressed up and carrying a Sun, on the day she caught fire in her village in 1983. Photo credit: José Manuel González Blanco.”


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