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Carmen Roca Igual

Background Evening



On Friday, September 23rd, you’re welcome at 1646 to join the Spanish patio and get a taste of what’s behind Carmen’s exhibition and work. During the Background Evening, we look at the artist’s practice from a slightly different angle, and experience it differently. 

A digitalised world makes us all actors of our appearances, while we blend with our technologies. Through two new video installations in her exhibition ‘Tan lines from a Spiritual Retweet’ at 1646, Carmen Roca Igual explores the meaning of getting to know oneself by trying on different masks and personas, having the possibility to continuously reinvent and explore the self.

With a bowl of traditional Spanish ‘Ajo Blanco’ grape soup in our hands, we will watch the recreation of one of Carmen’s new films, titled ‘Apatía y Devoción’, by means of a TikTok video compilation. Carmen will also give an artist talk about her new works’ ins and outs.

Can’t wait to join in on the self-exploration fun? Make your own TikTok video, recreating one of the scenes from Carmen’s film with a special sound-filter! Become the actor of your own appearance and try on a different persona. Start exploring! Click this link for instructions.

The Background Evening takes place during Hoogtij #70. Make it part of your art tour through the city, or stay with us for the evening. We open our door from 19:00. The event starts at 19:30.


About Carmen Roca Igual: Carmen de la Roca (b. 1998, Paris) is a lens-based artist researching human behavior and the social makeup we apply in relation to new media. Her work combines identity, technology, empowerment and the role of new media, but also the essential pursuit of communication, spirituality, and connection that most humans are in search of. She researches and explores experiences through fictional characters as a proxy to hers and society’s dilemmas. The characters live through contemporary narratives as they discover how to utilize the content they create in this attention economy. Roca Igual graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague in 2020. Her work was officially selected for the #AmLatino Film Festival and was nominated for the Young Talent Award during Dutch Design Week. She has assisted artists and filmmakers Amalia Ulman and Pauline Curnier Jardin, and her work was shown before in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Rijeka, and The Hague.


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