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Daniel Jensen



12/11/2010 –
– 04/12

The cauldron, starting point for Jensen‘s new series of drawings and sculptures, is a mystery symbol of Wicca/Witchcraft that symbolizes transmutation and germination. In both myth and legend the cauldron brews potions, produces abundance or decline, and is a holy vessel for offerings to the powers of the Night, and to the Great Goddess. Its chief attribute is that of transformation, whether of a spiritual or physical nature.

Jensen‘s work often explores issues of contemporary society and nature and deals with subjects like alienation, failure and transformation.The works create a world in which man and nature have reverted to a more primitive state. This world has the semblance of a depraved fairy-tale and is populated by shadowy characters. The characters portrayed in the drawings are desperately seeking a sense of belonging and together they are constructing a parallel universe far from any sense of normality.

The sculptures remind one of remnants of a performance or ritual that took place secretly. Jensen uses everyday objects and materials such as clothes, lights, plastic, wooden branches, ropes and straw in order to create new objects and meaning from existing things.


About Daniel Jensen: Please visit the website of the artist for more information.


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