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Vincent Verhoef, Artun Alaska Arasli

Conversation Piece


09/04/2015 –
– 30/11
Conversation Piece

We’re pushing our memory, beyond television
after the empty land
a generic periphery, after that, the city,
we can be cut off from, or intertwined with
a mythological countryside and an architecture that is all too present
there in the background
some sort of narrative
and all this nature seems to breath
land is rather waiting to be covered with water again

On this evening and on the occasion of the exhibition Office Paintings by Bryan Zanisnik, Vincent Verhoef invited the artist Artun Alaska Arasli to join him in a conversation.
Picking up on some of the themes addressed in the work of Bryan Zanisnik, Verhoef and Asrali discussed a range of examples from artworks and literature, additionally showing fragments and videos. This evening focused on the mythologisation of a geographical location, when a fictitious image of an area obtains a larger cultural meaning than its plain identity in daily life, with specific concentration to the dichotomy between the city and it’s periphery.



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