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Jonas Ohlsson

Conversation Piece


07/05/2014 –
– 30/11
Conversation Piece

To get the full experience, some clarifications and further confusions, to understand what the fuss is all about when it comes to the work of Matti Kallioinen 1646 invited artist Jonas Ohlsson for the Conversation Piece. Ohlsson was the host of this evening and he invited absolut topper DJs, radio makers, graphic designers amongst many things: Antwerp based Johann Kauth and Berlin based Markus Stein. Together they will play some music, do some talking and show youtube videos connected to Kallioinens work.

My art might also be about: Das Gesamtkunstwerk…  Synesthesia, here I come… Honesty and truth, my guiding light… Blut und Ehr.. The human condition… Globalisation… An upper-middle-class hero is something to be… Love me gender… Injustice makes me horny… You walrus hurt the one you love… My desire to exhibit is stronger than my shows… Nordic light… Melancholy… Over out… Copy… Roger.

Johann Kauth graduated from the graphic design program of the Rietveld Academy. Using silk screen printing, risography and mimeography, Johann Kauth makes spontaneous and amusing zines, books, publications, prints and tape releases, flyers and posters throwing all sorts of print and design conventions out the window. Johann works with drawing as much as with found imagery, utilizing screen and stencil printing to provoke a colorful maze of multilayered ink jungles. Viewing his work is a slight psychedelic experience – vibrant in colour and animated in shapes with non-existing semi-dogs, drawn flame letters and other oddities that are a pleasure for the eye but also a bit not to understand.

On the side he also keeps musical avances like his somewhere between odd and danceable but infamous Hallo Gallo-nights at the OCCII in Amsterdam and his own niche band(s) and performed with a handful of projects: Laser Poodle, Cotopaxi, Fyoelk or spinning records as DJ Cosmo Knex.

Markus Steinaka DJ Schlucht is an artist and one of Ohlsson’s favorite DJ’s and radio makers. Markus makes experimental internet radio and amongst other things known for the DIY Church, an open internetradio project designed as an online sculpture. D.I.Y. Church is a weekly Live Radioshow and shares the freedom of speech with a special guest: A musician, performer, visual artist, collector, scientist, real man & no life… He/She presents his/her references and work issues in relation with a chosen theme.

Ohlsson and Stein worked together on the webradio project “Stem van West”. Markus brought his studio with him and broadcasted from bars, art schools, embassies, clubs and so on… They talked about making experimental radio, DJ-ing, art, music, the politics and meaning of mixing sound.


About Matti Kallioinen: Kallioinen (b. 1974, Sweden) is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist. His practice largely consists of performance, music and installations.


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