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Mike Bourscheid

De Betovering

A treasure hunt and participate in your first real exhibition


14/10/2023 –
– 15/10

Have you always dreamed of being an artist? At 1646 we are looking for new talents for their very first real exhibition and children who want to do an exciting treasure hunt.

As part of De Betovering, a cultural festivity for children, you are invited to join us for an exciting scavenger hunt. After this adventure, you will even get the chance to create your own artwork, by decorating stained glass houses on paper. Your self-created artwork will then be exhibited in 1646!While you enjoy your adventure, your parents/guardians can experience Mike Bourscheid’s  presentation, which celebrates the rich imagination of children and where you can rediscover it as an adult.
We do ask parents/caregivers to be careful not to touch Mike Bourscheid’s artwork.
In case there are children with nut allergies, we would like to emphasize that there are nuts in our building at number 125 in the exhibition. Children with nut allergies are more than welcome to create their own artwork at number 127.

You are welcome to join us on Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 18:00. We have a free walk-in, so there is no need to make reservations. The adventure at 1646 is free. The scavenger hunt is offered in Dutch and English.
We are looking forward to meeting new artists!

For more information: https://www.debetovering.nl/programma/overzicht/speurtocht-met-workshop-a-spell-in-the-alphabet-soup-je-eerste-echte-expositie.



Using various forms of art, Mike Bourscheid tells stories that often have a funny or absurdist twist. With the help of strange and clumsy costumes and props, Mike channels different personalities. With a constantly changing identity, the artist addresses aspects of masculinity, patriarchal power and arrogance while investigating the codes and behaviours of our society and tackling social conventions.

Mike Bourscheid represented Luxembourg at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. His recent exhibitions include Richmond Art Gallery (Canada), LIAR NYC (USA) and Heidelberger Kunstverein (Germany). Mike currently has a solo exhibition at Centre national de l’audiovisuel (Luxembourg) as well as upcoming exhibitions at 1646 and Gr_nd (Berlin). Mike Bourscheid is based in Luxembourg and Vancouver.


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