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Editions, Editions, Editions

with Madé van Krimpen Gallery


28/01/2023 –
– 11/03

Madé van Krimpen and 1646 joined forces in Amsterdam for an edition exhibition. With works from over fifteen artists covering the bright walls of Madé’s Green Room.

Working with artists, established and upcoming, both Madé van Krimpen and 1646 produce exclusive yet affordable editions on a regular basis, enabling art to be accessible to the broader public.

Editions, Editions, Editions marked the launch of 1646’s brand new edition made by Molly Palmer. This and earlier artist’s multiples from both Madé and 1646 were on show and for sale.

With works by Hannah van Bart, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Afra Eisma, Su Hui-Yu, Emily Hunt, Lisa Konno, Paul Kooiker, Helena van der Kraan, Lindsay Lawson, Shana Moulton, Bernice Nauta, Navid Nuur, Molly Palmer, Bertjan Pot, Jitske Schols, Heidi Ukkonen, Lara Verheijden, Henk Visch and Xiaoxiao Xu.


About the Madé van Krimpen Gallery: Madé van Krimpen is dedicated to organising an eclectic variety of exhibitions showcasing work of both established and up-and-coming artists. Although their main focus is on solo and group exhibitions, they regularly collaborate with other creative groups and collectives to host pop-up and gallery take-over events. In the past the gallery was known as Multiplemadé and was committed to producing affordable editions in collaboration with artists. Under its new name Madé van Krimpen, the gallery continues working with artists to produce affordable editions. Madé van Krimpen Gallery supports and launches artists who are at the beginning of their careers, offering them a residency opportunity at their bespoke onsite studio in the heart of Amsterdam and a chance to exhibit and sell their work.


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