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Bram de Jonghe

En Dat Ook



For the background evening Bram De Jonghe talked about his inspirations in relation to the works displayed in1646. He wanted to evoque a mental place of production and exposure of art at the same time through the presentation of excerpts of video’s and film. Some of these videos were made in the studio and others were excerpts out of film.

Excerpts that were shown and discussed are: Elegy of a voyage by Alexander Sokurov, The mirror (behind the scenes) of Andrej Tarkovsky, Monsieur Poulet by Jean Rouch Cocorico, and work of Jonathan Meese.

One of the topics De Jonghe talked about is unintentional humour and the offering of a counter-narrative.


About Bram de Jonghe: De Jonghe (b. 1985, Belgium) has come to believe that imagination should not have a fixed point; it can gravitate around certain areas of strong interests, around certain compelling territories. In this way each project is conceived from the inside out. It is the content that creates the form and not the other way around. De Jonghe believes in man as creator, solver, and finder. The gestures he likes to make as an artist are not merely aesthetic or originated from a critical attitude towards art history. He favours the visual residue of do-it-yourself spirituality. He embraces complex ideas that lend themselves to clumsy visualizations, which humanize their coded beauty. De Jonghe is a practical dreamer who wants to stimulate the intuitive wisdom of each and every individual.


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