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Ola Vasiljeva

Francis Ponge


10/06/2011 –
– 02/07

The exhibition Francis Ponge is a collage of works paying tribute to Ola Vasiljeva’ s inspirations; drawn from classical literature, historical figures/events, pop- and subcultures.

With a surreal feel for assembling sources, Vasiljeva creates and curates a magical juxtaposition of fragments inspired, taken or borrowed from the obscure corners of the world.

A sense of estrangement, influenced by a northern inherited melancholy, allows her works to achieve both a poetic and humoristic quality. Thoreau’s Walden comes to mind, as the works distance themselves from the real world to possibly find new truths. It’s a search into the unknown, delving into what we don’t completely understand. At the same time, the existence of a truth is inevitable, made apparent by the consistency and sincerity of her works.

Vasiljeva works in a wide range of media such as drawing, printed matter, video, music, textiles, sculpture and found objects. Included in this project is a series of choreography videos, on which she collaborated with performers/ choreographers Farrell Dyde and Matthew Lutz-Kinoy.



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