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Clara Pallí Monguilod, Floris Kruidenberg, Johan Gustavsson, Nico Feragnoli

Hcak Revisited: In Eigen Beheer


05/05/2012 –
– 02/06
Hcak Revisited: In Eigen Beheer

The HCAK (Hague Centre for Contemporary Art) was the first artist initiative in The Hague and for a long time one of the few in the Netherlands.

The history of the HCAK is a fundamental chapter of the cultural history of The Hague and it is an important source of inspiration for the current initiatives in the city.

One generation later, six The Hague-based art institutions engage in reflecting on the ideas of the HCAK, which seem to be anything but dated. In this project by the name HCAK Revisited, Heden, GEMAK/Vrije Academie, 1646, JCA DE KOK, Ruimtevaart and Nest took, individually, a closer look with a contemporary take to a few of the projects by the HCAK.

Invited to manage the space of 1646, the still active organisation of the HCAK chose to present 1646: a historic reversal. Clara Pallí Monguilod, Floris Kruidenberg, Nico Feragnoli and Johan Gustavsson in collaboration with Philip Peters and Rien Monshouwer.

The tour included all six locations.

HEDEN: Pas de Deux. Opening of HCAK Revisited by Philip Peters, artistic director of the HCAK.

GEMAK/VRIJE ACADEMIE: Eén Schilderij (One Painting). Poet Arjen Duinker reported on his intimate experience with the painting.

1646: In Eigen Beheer. The four artists talked about the 1646 exhibition.

JCA DE KOK: En Suite. The participating artists talked about the selection process in compiling the retrospective.

RUIMTEVAART: Metamorphose (Metamorphosis). Unveiling of ‘nadato narato’ by Rien Monshouwer. With live gipsy music by Sintiromarus.

NEST: The Ideal Place. Philip Peters on De Ideale Plaats (1993-94) and The Ideal Place (2012).


About Clara Pallí Monguilod, Floris Kruidenberg, Johan Gustavsson, Nico Feragnoli: Please visit the websites below for more information.


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