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Artist and writer Jan Hoek presented an evening with Surinamese Peanutsoup, a performance by Pieke Werner, a screening of some of his own films, and a presentation of Jan’s favorite Tumblr-artists who are not really allowed in the real art world but who have somehow created their own universe. All this in response to the exhibition at 1646: Highway by Momu & No Es.

On 1 October Momu & No Es presented a performance as a part of their then-current exhibition at 1646: Highway. Afterwards there was an informal talk with the artists.

Highway consists of a video installation that induces the viewer into a trance. He is taken on a journey guided by the singing performers of the Highway Agency, and immersed in an alternative cosmos that the highway is leading him into. Within the gallery space of 1646 a parallel universe is created.

Highway is inspired by the aesthetic and sensuous pleasures of the digital realm and questions arise such as: how much has the development of digital media influenced perceptual and social experiences? How do we experience the ‘real’ world in a time when we communicate through digital prostheses?

Momu & No Es explore living and engaging in a world where tangible reality easily merges with a digital environment in which all elements carry equal weight. In their work they call for other possible worlds by questioning and visualizing the fragile borders between the story and the understanding of the daily surroundings.

“I believe there is always a certain degree of ethics involved in photography. It is almost impossible to take photographs of people without consciously, or unconsciously, crossing boundaries and with things happening that you don’t want or expect. I feel this is often covered up in photography, while I would like to show it … ”


About Momu & No Es: Lucía Moreno (1982, Switzerland) and Eva Noguera (1979, Spain), earned fine arts degrees at the University of Barcelona, then went on to complete postgraduate studies in artistic research at the DAI, Dutch Art Institute. They have held solo shows and screenings in centers like Espai13 of the Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona); 1646 (The Hague); MACG, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil (Mexico City); CUAC, Central Utah Art Center (Salt Lake City); Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam); Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo); Espai Montcada, CaixaForum (Barcelona), La Virreina Centre de la Imatge (Barcelona) and Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles). They live and work between the Netherlands and Spain.


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