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Momu & No Es



05/09/2015 –
– 04/10

How much has the development of digital media influenced perceptual and social experiences? How do we experience the ‘real’ world in a time when we communicate through digital prostheses?

Momu & No Es explore living and engaging in a world where tangible reality easily merges with a digital environment in which all elements carry equal weight.

Highway consisted of a video installation that induces the viewer into a trance. He is taken on a journey guided by the Highway Agency, and immersed in an alternative cosmos that the highway is leading him into. The road leads into a digital world of an empty constructed landscape with wavy patterns in the sky, road signs, Photoshop backdrop, stock-image people turning into flowers, makeup tutorials, soap bubbles, glass cleaner that is very functional for transparency, computer folders saved by giant hands from the water as only some of the elements that the passenger encounters.

Within the gallery space of 1646 a parallel universe was created that during the opening was inhabited and hosted by singing performers, employees of the Highway Agency. They gave instructions and guidance through the installation that was accompanied by a wall of stickers: typical road signs, warnings, hallmarks of what the driver transports, or bumper stickers as trophies of the countries and places visited, nightclub logos, stickers of trademarks to stickers indicating the convictions and values of the driver.

Highway is an installation inspired by the aesthetic and sensuous pleasures of the digital realm. In this virtual environment objects and screens link messages and actions. References are made to the road and the different ways in which we experience contemporary reality as a road trip. The project is composed by stringing images and audio together to draw a mental journey with the aim to create a reflection on the space we occupy when we circulate, and reinterprets the codes involved during the movement and interaction with others in the displaced space.

In their work Momu & No Es call for other possible worlds by questioning and visualizing the fragile borders between the story and the understanding of the daily surroundings. They research culture, art, economics and the aesthetics of their structures as prosthetic elements of contemporary communities and they alter what seemed sure and unshakable, thus enabling them to go for non-standardized interpretations of the real. They propose new and unexplored realities with different structures of thinking and visualisation.


About Momu & No Es: Lucía Moreno (1982, Switzerland) and Eva Noguera (1979, Spain), earned fine arts degrees at the University of Barcelona, then went on to complete postgraduate studies in artistic research at the DAI, Dutch Art Institute. They have held solo shows and screenings in centers like Espai13 of the Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona); 1646 (The Hague); MACG, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil (Mexico City); CUAC, Central Utah Art Center (Salt Lake City); Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam); Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo); Espai Montcada, CaixaForum (Barcelona), La Virreina Centre de la Imatge (Barcelona) and Echo Park Film Center (Los Angeles). They live and work between the Netherlands and Spain.


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