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Mike Bourscheid

Hoogtij #74

a free art tour through The Hague


29/09/2023 –
– 30/11
Facade of 1646 in the evening, with people standing in front of it.

Visitors could enjoy a late night visit at 1646 during a free art tour through The Hague connected to Hoogtij #74!

On Friday, September 29, it’s time for Hoogtij #74. During the evening of Hoogtij, you can visit Mike Bourscheid’s exhibition at 1646 from 19:00 until 23:00.

On the night of Hoogtij, you can visit more than twenty art locations in the inner-city of The Hague: from white cube to underground; from established art in galleries and institutions to installations and performances in artist initiatives, with free entrance.

You can roam around the city on your own terms, but there is also a possibility to join the free tours. More info can be found on https://www.hoogtij.net/.



Using various forms of art, Mike Bourscheid tells stories that often have a funny or absurdist twist. With the help of strange and clumsy costumes and props, Mike channels different personalities. With a constantly changing identity, the artist addresses aspects of masculinity, patriarchal power and arrogance while investigating the codes and behaviours of our society and tackling social conventions.

Mike Bourscheid represented Luxembourg at the 57th Venice Biennale in 2017. His recent exhibitions include Richmond Art Gallery (Canada), LIAR NYC (USA) and Heidelberger Kunstverein (Germany). Mike currently has a solo exhibition at Centre national de l’audiovisuel (Luxembourg) as well as upcoming exhibitions at 1646 and Gr_nd (Berlin). Mike Bourscheid is based in Luxembourg and Vancouver.


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