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Baha Görkem Yalım & Fermín Sales & Isadora Neves Marques



01/12/2023 –
– 30/11

Visitors could enjoy a late night visit at 1646 during HOOGTIJ #75!

On Friday, December 1st, it’s time for HOOGTIJ #75.

During the evening of HOOGTIJ, you can visit Baha Görkem Yalım’s exhibition Mulch Sleep, explore the Open Studio by Fermín Sales and watch the screening of YWY, Visions, 2023 by Isadora Neves Marques. The doors will be open from 19:00 until 23:00.

On the night of Hoogtij, you can visit more than twenty art locations in the inner-city of The Hague: from white cube to underground; from established art in galleries and institutions to installations and performances in artist initiatives, all with free entrance.

You can roam around the city on your own terms, but there is also a possibility to join the free tours. More info can be found on https://www.hoogtij.net/.



About Fermín Sales:

Fermín Sales Segarra (Albocàsser, 1990) is an audiovisual artist specialised in non-fiction. His work reflects upon elements such as image, memory and territory.

He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Jaume I (Castelló) and a Master degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary from Universitat Autònoma (Barcelona). His graduation work at the master degree was the documentary ‘El viatge Glauber’ (2014). Since 2015 he has been part of HAMACA, a platform for archiving, disseminating, and learning about contemporary audiovisual practices. In 2017, he developed the project ‘El Maestrat Filmat’ with the support of Castelló’s City Councils’ grant ‘Hábitat Artístico’. As part of this project, he also developed the interactive documentary ‘El Maestrat Filmat – La Memòria Rescatada’ (2019), as well as the documentary ‘El Maestrat Filmat’ (2022) and the video installation ‘Memories’ (2022). The installation was acquired by the City Council of Castelló and has been exhibited in ECO Les Aules (Castelló) and in ETNO, the Valencian Museum of Ethnology. Recently Sales has produced the multi-platform documentary project ‘Territori de Trashumància’ (2021), with the support of IVC.

About Baha Görkem Yalım: Baha Görkem Yalım is a Dutch/Turkish visual artist and educator. Görkem’s practice is multidisciplinary and defined by being purposefully in flux, refusing to crystallise in any one form or medium. They employ video, sculpture, and performance, sometimes in variations and always as folds of the one and same practice. In all its variations, things come together toward durational proposals and are radically allowed to appear as themselves. Their position at times also crosses to writer, mediator, and curator and includes the production of texts across poetry, fiction, and academic reflection. Görkem’s practice is deeply tied to art history, its readings, re-readings, and misreadings. Objecthood and history (with a particular interest in “the keepsake”), abstraction (as a subversive, revolutionary tool), and contamination (as a form of collaboration) are concepts frequently thematised. Görkem interrogates the concepts through the lens of labour and gender, often summoning questions of ritual, display, and refrain. These open questions come together in a desire to diminish art and artist as unified ontological categories. Görkem completed their Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Honours in Art and Research at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the University of Amsterdam, and Masters in Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI). They recently exhibited their works in A Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam (2022), Nederland Fotomuseum, Rotterdam (2022), Kunstverein Amsterdam (2021), Protocinema, Istanbul (2021) and Kunstverein Stuttgart (2019). Baha Görkem Yalım lives and works in Amsterdam.


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