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Rasmus Myrup



08/03/2024 –
– 30/11

Experience a late-night exploration at 1646 during HOOGTIJ #76, surrounded by the sculptures of Rasmus Myrup in Salon des Refusés. You are welcome from 19:00 until 23:00.

The upcoming HOOGTIJ kicks off in the new location of Page Not Found, at Boekhorststraat 102-104, from 18:30. After this special moment, you can prolong the evening at 1646, on the same street at 125-127.

Every Hoogtij, you can visit over twenty art locations in the inner city of The Hague for free! From white cube to underground; from galleries to institutions to installations and performances in artist’s initiatives, all with free entrance. You can roam around the city on your own terms or join one of the free tours offered by HOOGTIJ.

For more information, visit https://www.hoogtij.net/.


About Rasmus Myrup (Born 1991, Copenhagen) is a Danish artist, whose work seeks to explore how the experience of being human is malleable – and how susceptible it is; at its worst to manipulation and at its best to change. With roots in our belonging to the natural realm, Myrup investigates the big narratives of humanity’s existence, evolution and history through the lens of small, personal and intimate emotions. Through his sculptures, installations and drawings, he seeks to understand other times, species and worlds – and in that way everything from Neanderthals to trees or folklore can provide new perspectives on our understanding of death, sex and power. His recent solo exhibitions include Precoming at O – Overgaden (DK), Vertreibzeit at Kunstverein Göttingen (DE) and Slut [The End] at Jack Barrett (US).


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