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François Lemieux

Inexactly This

The Enchanted Display


23/11/2012 –
– 02/12
Inexactly This

At INexactly THIS (former Kusntvlaai, Amsterdam) 1646 presented The Enchanted Display, an installation piece by Canadian artist François Lemieux.

The Enchanted Display is a project that investigates display and phantasmagoria by looking at the expansion of manufacturing and industrial fairs as lenses through which historical findings and contemporary visual culture and politics may be related.

Next to The Enchanted Display Lemieux presented Le Merle, a Montréal-based publication designed by The Hague’ design studio Atelier Carvalho-Bernau. The publication proposes a selection of artists’ projects involving writing as well as texts around the art of presence, the political, education, et cetera by scholars and writers.


Supported by Conseil des arts et des lettres Québec.


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