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Fermín Sales


in collaboration with Consorci Museus


20/10/2023 –
– 20/12

1646 teamed up with the Valencia-based Consorci Museus and their Cultura Resident program to offer a Spanish artist our studio space in The Hague for a working period at the end of this year. 1646 is happy to announce that artist Fermín Sales was selected!

During his two-month residency at 1646, Fermín will be working on his project Kintos, which contains a critical view on the Spanish tradition of ‘Quintos’. The fiesta of the quintos is a tradition occurred and maintained over the years. It created communities and strengthens ties between those who have been and are part of these rural societies.

The aim of this project is to approach “what traditions dictate” through an exercise in critical thinking, using video archives and contemporary digital images that have recorded the festival over the last forty years.

As a counterpoint, a sound exercise of dialogues, conversations and ‘albades’ (love songs sung to an object of affection in the morning) is proposed, which aims to give voice to the young people of the territory. Combining the visual archive with the context of the fiesta of the quintos, Fermín aims to read beyond what we see. To not only discover a tradition, but to have this observation serve us to dissect a society, to look through a hole into society with all its virtues and defects.

Fermín will be joining us in The Hague from October 20th to December 20th of 2023.


About Fermín Sales:

Fermín Sales Segarra (Albocàsser, 1990) is an audiovisual artist specialised in non-fiction. His work reflects upon elements such as image, memory and territory.

He holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Jaume I (Castelló) and a Master degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary from Universitat Autònoma (Barcelona). His graduation work at the master degree was the documentary ‘El viatge Glauber’ (2014). Since 2015 he has been part of HAMACA, a platform for archiving, disseminating, and learning about contemporary audiovisual practices. In 2017, he developed the project ‘El Maestrat Filmat’ with the support of Castelló’s City Councils’ grant ‘Hábitat Artístico’. As part of this project, he also developed the interactive documentary ‘El Maestrat Filmat – La Memòria Rescatada’ (2019), as well as the documentary ‘El Maestrat Filmat’ (2022) and the video installation ‘Memories’ (2022). The installation was acquired by the City Council of Castelló and has been exhibited in ECO Les Aules (Castelló) and in ETNO, the Valencian Museum of Ethnology. Recently Sales has produced the multi-platform documentary project ‘Territori de Trashumància’ (2021), with the support of IVC.

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