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Laurie Charles

The Anger of the Intestine


01/04/2017 –
– 31/05

Laurie Charles (BE) makes videos for which she invites friends as actors: she combines folklore, humanities and historical narratives. She also writes and paints speculative stories – in fiction and on canvas. Before her residency in 1646, Charles concentrated on writing science fiction by rewriting and playing out the history of certain common experiences: North American Utopias, Deep Ecology, and Ecofeminism.

On July 7, Charles presented the result of her residency in 1646, with the performance of the lecture / performance ‘The Anger of the Intestine’ by artists Marnie Slater and Jay Tan. ‘The Anger of the Intestine’ consisted of excerpts from a variety of sources, from the story of Charlotte King to Aesop’s fable ‘The Belly and the Members’.

Laurie Charles makes videos in which she invites her friends to play: there she mixes folklores, humanities and histories (and narratives of history); Also she writes and paints – fictions and on canvases – speculative narratives.

At 1646, she made a science fiction by rewriting and re-enacting the history of certain communitarian experiences: North-American utopias, Deep Ecology, ecofeminism and the marginal worldwide movement. The narration is not anthropocentric and grants a leading role to bacteria and plants – which are great actors! It thinks post-natural: commenting on and opposing the dichotomy of the natural against the non-natural.



About Laurie Charles: Laurie Charles is a visual and textual storyteller, she writes and paints speculative narratives on large canvases as well as through installations.


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