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American School of The Hague

Le Salon des Dualités


14/03/2024 –
– 30/11

For future creators and art enthusiasts, 1646 is considering ways in which younger generations can be sparked with curiosity about art and feel engaged with cultural programs and 1646 itself.

In 1646, photography students from American School of The Hague, with guidance from Bernice Nauta, participated in an educational experiment as part of the current exhibition Salon des Refusés, featuring work by Rasmus Myrup.

Currently, a group of folkloric figures, outcasted by modern norms, are hanging out in 1646. They wear special handmade clothes that express their personalities and are modern interpretations of ancient legends. With help from Bernice Nauta, the students explored the meaning and context of the exhibition in relation to their individual inquiries. They created artworks, inspired by Rasmus Myrup, for their own salon: Le Salon des Dualités.

The final presentation is on March 14th, from 18:00 to 21:00, in the backspace at Boekhorststraat 127.

Participating students: Alegria, Anneke, Leila, Liliana, Luke, Manon, Mara-Crina, Owen, and Paige.

Educational and Program Leader: Délé Oriogun.


About Rasmus Myrup (Born 1991, Copenhagen) is a Danish artist, whose work seeks to explore how the experience of being human is malleable – and how susceptible it is; at its worst to manipulation and at its best to change. With roots in our belonging to the natural realm, Myrup investigates the big narratives of humanity’s existence, evolution and history through the lens of small, personal and intimate emotions. Through his sculptures, installations and drawings, he seeks to understand other times, species and worlds – and in that way everything from Neanderthals to trees or folklore can provide new perspectives on our understanding of death, sex and power. His recent solo exhibitions include Precoming at O – Overgaden (DK), Vertreibzeit at Kunstverein Göttingen (DE) and Slut [The End] at Jack Barrett (US).


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