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Navid Nuur

Lost Licks


05/09/2008 –
– 27/09

Navid Nuur researches and changes the way we look at and experience a specific space; he is interested in the things we notice subconsciously, or the things we fail to notice because we are focusing on something else.

Nuur uses concepts which deal with a temporary state. This approach places his work between the viewer and a usually abstract phenomenon like light, energy, air or residual space. The results are mainly of a conceptual and cognitive nature. His installations, drawings and objects are best described as modules of thought. He himself prefers to call them interimodules. A module for a way of thinking, a temporary in between.

LOST LICKS are licks which lost their intention. Meaning, for instance, when you taste something by licking and find it was not worth the trouble or you cannot recall the taste. Or when reading a magazine and licking your finger, so you can leaf easier through the pages, but neither reading nor looking with full concentration. Those are for example lost licks. The exhibition in 1646 is about this physical sense in relation to spatial concentration. Concentration which can shift from contemporary art magazines, to candy, to other areas.


About Navid Nuur: Please visit the website of the artist for more information.


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