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Jasper Griepink

Meet Your Maker


06/09/2014 –
– 30/11
Meet Your Maker

On this night surrender yourself to your deeper inner layers while you sink down into a stream of sounds, scents, colors and the pleasantness of tactile textures. Your belly button is turning into a gateway in which your own future is being born, something you’d better be aware of. In Meet Your Maker elements of different realities are mixed together to create a synergetic total experience one can undergo, even with the eyes closed.

Jasper Griepink invited his audience to join a series of sincere yet playful meditation-exercises on the museum night of September 6th. Within an exploration of ancient sacred rituals and their function in the modern world Griepink investigated the effects of feelings and sensibilities on the universe and future in a close collaboration with the audience.

During a night-long program that includes group meditation, heart circles, sweatlodge ceremonies and other techniques of awareness Griepink will stimulate a realm of togetherness where social inhibition, insecurities and anxiety can melt away.

Preferably bring some nice thick (white) socks, a blanket and/or pillow and a towel. Be prepared for long journeys while laying down, smiling and holding hands.

Clear out the path leading inwards and meet your maker.

You can participate during the entire night at any given moment. Stay as long as you like!



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