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Mikko Kuorinki

the individual and physical reality through language


01/03/2011 –
– 30/04

Using performance, installation, video and photography, Kuorinki (b. 1977, Finland) explores how we can understand the world and our place on it. He explores the relationship between the individual and physical reality through language. Kuorinki’s work is often conceptual in nature and experiences such as alienation and uprooting are often discussed in his work. Kuorinki stayed in the 1646 residency from the beginning of March to the end of April.

During his stay, he collected cans of Golden Power energy drink, thought about failures, bought a lot of cotton handkerchiefs, worked with plaster, made new montages of old Hollywood movies, hung bookshelves, bought flowers and fruits, crushed toast, he thought about Spinoza, he left a set of blank keys on the street, looked for a white T-shirt with a breast pocket, thought of the point where the blue of the sky turns into the black of space.

On April 22, during the opening of the exhibition “Out there” by Kamen Stoyanov, Kuorinki presented the results of his working period to the public in the form of a mini-exhibition in the guest studio.


About Mikko Kuorinki: Kuorinki …


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