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Oedipusmas Special



On Sunday 15 January 2017, the exhibition ‘Oedipusmas Special’ ended with a bang!

From 5.30 – 7 pm Nathalie Hartjes served up a home-cooked TV-dinner and a smorgasbord of TV-classics celebrating ‘wholesome family life’ of days gone by. With clips ranging from All in the Family, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood of Make Believe and JAM (& The Holograms), Hartjes dished up her own childhood memories and simultaneously provided some tropes to inspire Conglomerate’s background event.

This was followed by a background evening by two of the artists of Conglomerate -Dafna Maimon and Ethan Hayes-Chute, who were showing gems in progress, a guided tour and a script writing exercise with the audience.


About Conglomerate: CONGLOMERATE acts as a producer of original programs, also inviting additional Berlin based and international artists to realize their own segments, sets, commercials and specials for the network. Mixing diverse content ranging from melodrama, documentary, comedy, interview, music, and art into a unified body, new 30 minute Blocks composed of recurring shows and one_off segments are broadcast on the web, with new Blocks and Specials released throughout the year. All content is exclusively found on www.conglomerate.tv


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