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Lieven Segers

Paint It Black


12/12/2008 –
– 07/01

Though Lieven Segers (Antwerp, BE) started as a photographer, you could hardly define him as such by now. After finishing his master course photography at the Post-St. Joost (Breda, 2001) he landed in projects which went further than pure photography.

One of those experiments, for instance, came to be the short film Seven Days & Seven Nights, in which the artist captured himself on video, seven days in a row locked up in his studio, drawing without rest, for the first time.

The result is a folder with uncountable small drawings, especially figurines, sometimes with a short text. They are fresh, humoristic, some bizarre, others creepy. It is through this humour that Segers expresses his interest in life and art, both as an artist and a curator.

And constantly drawing is what Segers still does; it became an essential element of his installations and his practice in a broader sense. The line works as the viewfinder of a camera: this way Segers zooms, fixing the details which seem to touch him suddenly, occasionally, out of nothing. They create a world of drawings on all kinds of material: his studio is filled with large cut outs and small bits of paper. Full of lining, pictures, text. Full of simplicity, full of complexity.

For his exhibition at 1646, Lieven Segers will visit The Hague several times: “Every different view will have a different point of concentration and will create a different personal experience. These experiences will be translated into the space of 1646”.


About Lieven Segers: Please visit the website of the artist for more information.


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