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Erkka Nissinen

Rigid Regime


11/12/2009 –
– 23/01

A pornographic monologue about sense certainty in Hegelian sense” with “a strong home-made look and feel

To grasp the nature of these grotesque, perplexing and funny videos, in a nutshell, think about what the quotations above suggest to you.Far from a simple catch phrase or plain gibberish, such is the range of the artist’s work.

In his videos, often combining acting in actual studio set with computer animation, Nissinen makes a great use of the language that the media speaks to us and does so by pushing to the extreme the most absurd of the elements that belong to that language. This way, the artist manages to stretch the boundaries of that vocabulary allowing anything from children’s television, soap opera, porn, and philosophy class into it and to equally make sense. Or nonsense.

Mixing the high and the low-brow, Nissinen’s works show how to mash up, through a witty and a dry gaze, sophisticated references to avant-garde, blatant obscenity and spelling exercises. While an office worker expressing his innermost desires to an animated panda bear gives way to a gooey post-blowjob sing-along or rows of singing animated flowers are followed by a penis disguised in cabbage and then mistaken for a xylophone, one cannot help thinking why plots of such kind have so seldom seemed just right.


About Erkka Nissinen: Nissinen (b. 1975, Finland) lives and works in Helsinki, Hong Kong and Amsterdam


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