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Salon Material

Salon 1646

A One Night Event


16/10/2015 –
– 30/11
Salon 1646

Having a healthy aversion to the difficult and heavy ‘talk’ that often accompanies theoretical texts, we are interested in finding new ways for reflection. In our eyes this is what Salon Material offers: Salon Material makes you experience, with physical exercises or by sharing personal stories and thoughts, ideas taken from formal theoretical discussions.

Salon Material is about practice; to pause and to ask again. By sharing, the capacities of a group become accelerated; inquiring, stopping, returning, articulating. The barely discernible is formulated. They work along the scopes of everyday exercise, practice for pleasure and attention training.


About Salon Material: Salon Material (Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Liv Strand) works with tactile intuition, linguistic experimentation and hazardous mirroring. They create a place where one can leap into an unknown space together. There are no artworks to be produced. The work they do takes place on a level of understanding before knowledge has been consolidated. Salon Material is an initiative by artist Johanna Gustafsson Fürst and Liv Strand that runs since 2010, most usually in Stockholm. An evening is four to five hours, and takes place in different spaces, at different locations, each one chosen with intent to operate in relation to the actualised theme. The situation is achieved by the ones who join. Our preparations concerns are finding structural frameworks that enable maintenance of a gentle unformulated space, that is open to probing and listening.


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