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Svetlana Mircheva

Possible Exhibitions

in collaboration with structura gallery's art corridor program


12/01/2023 –
– 12/02

Svetlana Mircheva’s residency period in The Hague lasted from January 12 till February 12, 2023. During her residency period, Svetlana worked on her ongoing project Possible Exhibitions, through which she reflects on the infinite possibilities of and in exhibition making.

Having started off the project in 2011 for a solo exhibition in the Vaska Emanouilova Gallery in her hometown of Sofia, Svetlana has been exploring the infinite possibilities of her imagination, memory and subjective archive as a tool for exhibition making. With the ongoing project Possible Exhibitions, Svetlana shows how, with the same materials, an artist can make an infinite amount of exhibitions. At the same time, the project explores so-called gallery-apartment practices around the world, where intimate personal spaces become pure and independent gallery spaces, where new connections between the viewer and the artwork are formed.

During her residency period at 1646, Svetlana worked on developing the project’s potential for becoming a fluent archive, possible memory and future projection of imagination.

This residency was made possible through a collaboration with Structura Gallery. Their residency project Art Corridor is funded by the Tsotsorkov Foundation.


About Svetlana Mircheva:

Svetlana graduated from the National Gallery of Arts in Sofia. She also –attended Olafur Eliasson’s class at IUAV, Venice. In 2004, she was granted the International Media Art Award of ZKM, Karlsruhe, for her project ‘Mistakes’. She was Art Director in the advertising agencies Ogilvy & Mather, Demner, Merlicek & Bergman and Carré Noir Sofia, and of Capital Light Magazine. In 2010, she was among the nominees for the BAZA Award and, in 2012, came her nomination for the Henkel Art Award for Eastern European Art. Mircheva was one of the curators of the 2012 Sofia Design Week.

Her solo exhibitions include “Picture the book in the room with the piano” at UniArt, Sofia (2022); “Possible Exhibitions” at Sofia-Arsenal Museum of Contemporary Art, National Gallery, Sofia (2021); “State of Apparition”,Aether Haga, The Hague (2019); “Sounds of Sea, Heart and Sun”, Contemporary Space, Varna (2018), “Images of the Word” Un Cabinet D’Amateur, Sofia (2014), “103 Mistakes” at Un Cabinet D’Amateur, Sofia (2012); “Possible Exhibitions” Nurture Art, New York (2012), “Random Show” at Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia (2011).

Her works have been exhibited in National Art Gallery (Sofia), Sofia City Art Gallery, National Academy of Art (Sofia), Institute of Contemporary Art ICA-Sofia, U10 (Belgrade), New Bulgarian University (Sofia), SAW-Sofia Art Week, Podroom (Belgrade), Kunsthalle Zürich (Zürich), aqb Project Space (Budapest), Credo Bonum (Sofia), Union of Bulgarian Artists (Sofia), Open Art Files (Plovdiv), Open Art Foundation (Plovdiv), Aether (Sofia), Haus Wittgenstein (Vienna), European Parlament (Brussels), Structura Gallery (Sofia), Goethe Institut (Sofia), KulturKontakt (Vienna), Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna), Vienna Contemporary (Vienna), Abrons Art Center (New York), Interstate Projects (New York), periscope: project: space (Salzburg), ISCP (New York), WUK (Vienna), MMOMA (Moscow), VVORK, Studio Voltaire (London), Württembergischer Kunstverein (Stuttgart), ZKM Museum für Neue Kunst (Karlsruhe), Kunsthalle (Basel), Temporary Contemporary (London), A plus A Gallery (Venice), IUAV (Venice), Gallery Dwarf (Reykjavík), RADAR Creative Human Lab in European Cities (Venice).

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