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The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend

Residency open studio


29/06/2024 –
– 30/11

During The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend Ádám ALBERT had an Open Studio.

Ádám is in The Hague as part of the 1646 and Budapest Galéria residency exchange programme. Through this programme we aim to support innovative practices and foster global networks.

Being interested in the study of global trade and processes of cultural transfer, during his residency, Ádám will research the phenomenon of blue-and-white glazed porcelain and its journey through China, Japan, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Portugal. He will look at the appropriations and possible misunderstandings that lead to the adoption of this cultural pattern.



About Ádám ALBERT is an artist, educator and researcher. He is an Associate Professor and head of the Department of Artistic Anatomy, Drawing and Geometry at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts Budapest as well as director of the Art and Art Theory College for Advanced Studies. ALBERT works in a variety of media, often using forgotten craftsman techniques, typically working with materials from private and institutional archives. His works are featured in the permanent collection displays at the Hungarian National Gallery and Ludwig Museum – Contemporary Art Museum Budapest.


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