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The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend


29/06/2024 –
– 30/11

For The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend, 1646 has invited the artist duo, Fabas, to curate two events in our garden. These gatherings will bring people together through food, and semi-absurd playful rituals. You can expect two different edible installations that combine playful structures and tentacular ceramics, all arranged around a central table where you are invited to gather.

The installations invite you to think about what a meal is and can be; the food that is consumed, as well as the time spent together doing so, the way in which it has reached your mouth, the way it has been grown and then prepared, the way each bite makes you feel, the memories it may bring to you. In the end, the meal can be more than the sum of its parts. Adding an unorthodox ingredient can transform the most boring of sandwiches, creating tangible magic.

On June 29th, visitors will be able to experience an unconventional sandwich bar. An installation that encourages you to forage for toppings of your bread, inviting you to experiment with ratios and to pay attention to the ceremony of putting things together.

On June 30th guests will be welcomed by a landscape made of cake and biscuit. A scenery that our visitors will have to destroy and rebuild in order to enjoy its sweet flavours!

The events will take place from 15:00 to 18:00.


About Fabas, a duo of artists Alejandra López and Lena Longefay, explores the making and sharing of food as an artistic practice. Together they create edible installations that rejoice in moments of coming together, and follow a desire to foster intimacy, pleasure and curiosity about the food we eat, the way it reaches us and the effect it has on our minds and bodies. Fabas is guided by slow cooking and fermentation techniques, both practically and metaphorically, and is deeply interested in the complex multispecies collaboration involved in food making. They are currently expanding their research into ecofeminist histories and storytellings of food and daily life.


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