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Zin Taylor

The Illustrator



The artist states:

When I think of background, a hazy fog of anecdotes appears. This cloud contains elements of information. It’s time to transition them into a form. I imagine the evening to be something of a radio show: records will be played, a BBQ will be set up, little texts will be recited (ones I’ve written, ones I’ve read), images and video clips will be screened. The program has a sympathetic exchange to what is available from the all-over frieze inscribed on the walls. It will be quite casual, as visitors can come and go as they like. Because, naturally, a background persists if it’s invited or not. This performance will be somewhat of an analog to the ideas of translation and language that have gone into the show – thoughts taking shape within the void.

How does an idea develop into a gesture?

What shape does it take?

How is it recorded?

The room presents a stage for thinking, and I’ll be the Illustrator of these thoughts. Let the landscape of caricature activate into opportunities – where the form of one language takes on the form of another.


About Zin Taylor: Taylor (1978, Canada) earned a BFA in 2000 from the Alberta College of Art and Design. Moving to Toronto in 2001, he later earned an MFA from the University of Guelph. Known internationally for installations that include performance, drawing, sculpture, printmaking and video, Taylor often includes narration in his work, culled from popular culture, storytelling, news stories and his own research.


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