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Marina Vishmidt and Eva Weinmayr

The Lottery Ticket

Value, Drop-Outs And The Art Of Negative Speculation


14/10/2014 –
– 30/11
The Lottery Ticket

A dinner conversation about value, drop-outs and the art of negative speculation, with Marina Vishmidt and Eva Weinmayr.

For an artist to declare that they have failed, means that they are already in a position of power – power in relation to the frame of failure. The dropout as a character must touch on this power dynamic. If failure is a normal condition that people are subjected to, the dropout becomes an owned failure. (Dropouts: Slackers, sociopaths and social workers, A conversation between Marina Vishmidt and Melissa Gordon, PERSONA magazine, 2013)

The evening was hosted by Maria Guggenbichler, with Marina Vishmidt and Eva Weinmayr, a screening of Kasia Fudakowski’s “Female Pessimists” video and a lottery scratch ticket for everyone.

Dinner was provided by the chef Helena Sanders.



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