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Matti Kallioinen

The Nervous Manifold


04/04/2014 –
– 18/05

For the first time in the Netherlands, 1646 introduced the work of the Swedish artist and musician Matti Kallioinen (Uppsala 1974). Kallioinen transformed the exhibition space into his own aesthetical universe in which large sculptural volumes linger between dead objects and living entities, creating a feeling of an eerie unknown living, breathing presence.

From the show:

It is hard to see where one shape ends and where the next one starts. Certain organic movements come with a strong sense of autonomy, as if they have their own nervous systems with thoughts and agendas, even a sense of humour.

Synthesized music guides their presence, bright colours are heightened by the intense use of lights. Creating an intense sensory experience using sound, visuals, lights and large inflatable sculptural entities Kallioinen combines his experience as an artist, electronic musician and performer with a fascination of cognitive science and transhumanism.

The works in the exhibition included his video Transhuman Circuit / Turing Battle. The video shows unfamiliar creatures gathering, seemingly performing a ritualistic dance as if to conjure up a higher spirit, then morphing into futuristic pretzel-like creatures ‘battling’ each other with spray-foam and a game of ‘rock-paper-scissors’. Creating the suspense of a narrative, any attempt to interpret is frustrated: the work never really reveals an inner truth and stays inscrutable for interpretation.

Borrowing aesthetics from the old-fashioned futuristic sci-fi movies with references to popular depictions of extreme religious cults, decor and costumes reminiscent of those of children’s theatre plays, Kallioinen creates a world like no other. Despite the occasional concrete pieces of visual language that suggest some sort of allegorical meaning, it is impossible to get a complete overview or to grasp what is approaching one through all the senses. The experience seems to hypnotize the viewer who is unable to get a rational understanding of this experience.


About Matti Kallioinen: Kallioinen (b. 1974, Sweden) is a Swedish multidisciplinary artist. His practice largely consists of performance, music and installations.


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