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Annabel Kanaar

The Ongoing Conversation #1.4

We Don'T Always Want What's Right


24/01/2014 –
– 30/11

The Ongoing Conversation offered a series of fast-paced one-day exhibitions, conceived as a dialogue rather than a series of isolated events. During three weeks the exhibition spaces became a stage for orchestrated ambiguity, paradox, spectatorship and theatricality. From Melville to Wikipedia, from post-colonial questions to universal issues as love and death; all of this were explored and performed in six mini solo-exhibition events.

Featuring a range of international artists, each exhibition was complemented with an invited guest who lectured, performed or participated.

This project was the outcome of a collaboration between 1646 and the Master Artistic Research, The Hague.

Exploring a twilight zone between the uncertainty of beholding reality or fiction this exhibition exposes the entanglement of affects and social models in our apprehension of death, mourning and memory, and invites the spectator to question the reliability of their moral compass. An arrangement of gestures were exhibited and these moments of reflection happened through associative interpretations and, sometimes speculative, re-enactment of art history. These works considered alternative possibilities to the conventional thoughts on relationships. The exhibition included a guest performance by artist Sands Murray-Wassink.



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