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Tomo Savić-Gecan

another time another place


01/05/2011 –
– 30/06

In 2012, Fonds BKVB and Mondriaan Fonds approached 1646 with the proposal to do an open-call for our residency studio to artists working in The Netherlands. 1646 was involved in the selection of the artists and got the structural support to host the artist for a period of two months.


The selected resident for 2012 was Croatian artist Tomo Savić-Gecan.

In the work of Savić-Gecan time and space, as well as the object (the “work of art”) and the experience of it are often dislocated and disconnected in his various projects.

Typically, the work of art is present and visible in an exhibition. Beginning and end dates define the duration and the gallery’s (often) white walls establish the site of the work’s presentation as part of an exhibition.

But what if the show opens and then closes and a participating artist’s contribution couldn’t be seen or otherwise aesthetically experienced?
What if it will only exist as such, which is to say, as an aesthetic object, at another time and in another place and yet its participation in the exhibition (and your participation as the visitor) is crucial to that existence?
Could one consider that it had been exhibited there and then, at that moment and in that space of the exhibition when you saw it on the work list? 

These and other questions haunt the work of Tomo Savic-Gecan. 

During his residency at 1646, Savić-Gecan focused on developing new work for the Taipei Biennial 2012, a process that was shared with the audience during a public event on the 15th of November.

Additionally, from the 21st of October till the 7th of November, Savić-Gecan presented an exhibition in the residency studio that was the final part of a series of three solo exhibitions spread over time. The project was announced in 2005 as part of Volume, an exhibition project at MediaMatic in Amsterdam and its accompanying publication, and subsequently in an ad in the sixth 2005-issue of the Dutch art magazine Metropolis M, anchoring future spaces in the present, as well as emphasizing the conceptual passage of time from one volume or exhibition platform to another. 



About Tomo Savić-Gecan: Savić-Gecan …


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