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Victor Yudaev

Victor En Me




For his Background Evening of his exhibition Victor en me, Victor Yudaev showed a film from the Rice&Curry Ink. Archives : SAHARA.

Rice&Curry was an avant-gardiste publishing house that served as a sleeping bed for free-thinking spirits between 2012-2016.

Now, he felt, it was time to browse through its legacy, to take a closer look at the ambitious set-ups, bright characters; there were no happy-endings.

Sahara is a short movie by Vincent Both and Yair Callender. It was screened on the 4th of March, with a foreword by Victor Yudaev.


About Victor Yudaev: Yudaev (b. 1984, USSR) studied mathematics, but didn’t finish the course. Still, neither himself, nor the scientific community has ever regretted the decision. From there on he decided to be an artist (this decision replaced his chances of becoming a piano player). Firstly, Victor had learned to draw a nice curves of men and women and to convey fruits in splendid colors, then he stepped out in pursuit of a larger understanding. He entered Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2009 and graduated four years later. After one year he entered School of Arts of Lyon, wherefrom he graduated two years after with a pomp.


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