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Victor Yudaev

Victor En Me


03/02/2017 –
– 05/03

In 2013, Victor had a shot in a short project at 1646 “FAST IS GOOD FOR US”, an exhibition with Bernice Nauta, Fraser Stewart, Inge Thoes.

Applying the work ethic of an obsessed person (with a force of an obsessed walker), Yudaev frantically collects, makes, thinks, assembles and reassembles objects and things into sculptural sequences.

Working with objects is no way different from working with words, as they need to be placed in a particular order, polished with style carefully paced by punctuations (discusses a semicolon as if it were a point of honor). He assembles a number of ‘things’ or pieces of things into a single phrase, paying attention to how it is presented. Such an assemblage can bring different “effects” – aesthetic, productive, as well as destructive, consump_tive and cognitive. With an incredible precision he “writes” with the objects in a space. If the objects and things would be the words, the space is a book.

There is a generosity of references to writers, free-thinkers, artists and a history of objects in his work. Victor creates physical novels that resist any attempt at interpretation. Where objects are put in play across dif_ferent contexts, and even though they serve the same content, narration takes the form of a spiral, where ends stay loose in order to continue the story. Despite this, the works contain something which continues to attract and provoke. It is perhaps their very intangibility, which, together with the large amount of detail, acts on the senses and provokes the viewer to try to understand.


About Victor Yudaev: Yudaev (b. 1984, USSR) studied mathematics, but didn’t finish the course. Still, neither himself, nor the scientific community has ever regretted the decision. From there on he decided to be an artist (this decision replaced his chances of becoming a piano player). Firstly, Victor had learned to draw a nice curves of men and women and to convey fruits in splendid colors, then he stepped out in pursuit of a larger understanding. He entered Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2009 and graduated four years later. After one year he entered School of Arts of Lyon, wherefrom he graduated two years after with a pomp.


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